I wanted to personally thank you for a wonder experience over the last few weeks. My first visit to your office was prompted by a problematic molar with a composite filling that had failed a third time. A few weeks later I walked out with a beautiful metal free restoration.
My first impression of the office was meeting Kristin who effortlessly, coordinated with my insurance company, provided accurate co-pays before I proceeded with any treatment and handled all my appointments and reminders conveniently through text message and email. Kristin was accommodating and able to promptly reschedule my appointments due to a root canal being necessary in the middle of my crown restoration.
Donna the hygienist, performed a cleaning on my teeth on my first appointment prior to assessing and providing a treatment plan for the troublesome molar. Her demeaner was very kind and she proved skillful as she efficiently and painlessly completed my cleaning. Upon completion Donna took a set of x-rays, moving quickly cognizant of the uncomfortable apparatus associated with this task.
Finally, the preparation of my crown was an amazing experience. You clearly area a skilled operator that painlessly completed the preparation, keeping in mind my comfort, letting me know when I could relax and close my mouth and proper suction for one of the best dental experience I’ve had. Couple that with the computerized scanning of my teeth in lieu of a tradition impression and you understand why I am writing to thank you. You can bet I will refer family and friends at every opportunity I have.
My since thanks

Patrick Shipman